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Air con re-gas

Most modern vehicles come with air conditioning, but did you know that your air conditioning system requires regular maintenance in order to keep it functioning properly?  Around 10% of refrigerant gas can seep out of your air-con system each year.  If there is insufficient refrigerant charge, not only can your air con system not operate effectively, but it could potentially lead to internal system damage.

Like many other parts of your vehicle, your air con system should be serviced regularly; this involves recharging the system with gas and lubricant as well as removing all moisture and debris. 

Does the air from your vents smell? These nasty odours are caused by bacteria which build up over time in the air conditioning system and circulate in your car.  Our powerful anti-bacterial cleaning agents kill 99% of bacteria and leave your air conditioning smelling fresh.  Our air conditioning anti-bacterial service can also help those with breathing difficulties.